La Cigale

La Cigale (the cicada) is a very common insect in the south of France. When it decorates the entry doors of houses, it is there to welcome family and friends.

In the French culture, the cicada represents diversion and good vibes and symbolizes the arrival of summer, a period of relaxation and simple pleasures.

La Cigale, a story

In 2006 was born the dream called La Cigale. It becomes reality three years later, with the firm idea of creating an alternative place that offered food and a place to stay for foreigners and domestic people of Ecuador.

In 2008,we laid the foundation stone of the place we now consider our first-born, after a year of strong feelings and emotions and with a host of illusions to see opened our hostel and restaurant.

In 2009 finally opened La Cigale. From there, we began to experience various types of change, with the ongoing plan to grow and offer the best service for local and foreign people.