Cuenca and its surroundings



Cuenca is a beautiful city located in the heart of the Andean region of Ecuador. The city, with its colonial architecture, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site. Cuenca is well known for its stunning architecture, tourist attractions, hotels and night activities.


Cajas National Park

The Cajas National Park is located about 30 km from Cuenca.

With as many as 250 lakes and ponds located amongst a number of striking peaks visitors can take advantage of a number of different trekking routes and fishing facilities in a beautiful and varied landscape.

Ingapirca Ruins

 Ingapirca are the largest known Inca ruins in Ecuador. It is located about 80 km from Cuenca. The castle complex is of Cañari-Inca origin. The complex played an important role as a fortress and storehouse with which to resupply troops en route to northern Ecuador. At Ingapirca they developed a complex underground aqueduct system to provide water to the entire compound.


Cantons of interest

Around Cuenca, a few cantons show interesting touristic features such as Chordeleg and its jewelry handicrafts, Gualaceo, well known for its clothes and shoes, Santa Isabel and its warm climate, Girón and El Chorro waterfall, the beautiful Yungilla valley, among others.